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I'm a 23-year-old German-based hobby illustrator with an unhealthy passion for character design, supernatural stuff and sushi.
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  • So besides just praticing and classes or other things like that you might recommend for a young drawer/inspired becoming tattoo artist?

    Asked by so1otronkat

    Oh geez oh geez oh geez!! If only I knew! I’m trying myself but besides drawing what I feel like drawing and trying to get better (so yes, practicing) I really don’t know how to start all this!

    I’m guessing it would be the best to put together a neat portfolio and just go to some tattoo places you look up to and trust and ask for an apprenticeship/internship!

    For now I’m trying to get a decent education and finish “college” and this job and then just wait for what life has to offer tattoo-artist-wise haha

    I’m sorry I’m no big help but I’m in the same situation you are in!

    Good luck!!

    Please get rid of the silly habit of deleting my or any artist’s comment/title/explanation under a picture they’ve drawn and finished and uploaded themselves. Please. It’s distespectful beyond belief.

    Hey sweetpeas!

    The last weeks have been rather expensive for me and I need to start putting some cash aside for several reasons so I’m taking some commissions again!

    Mainly tattoo commissions at this point because I also need stuff for my portfolio so if any of you need a thing to get inked, here you go!

    I also still do take “regular” comms though!! These will be sketches or inked drawings – no coloring at the moment!! Sorry!!

    So for the prices:

    To be talked about individually (according to expenditure/size/etc) – please contact me and we can talk about everything!
    - example: Wing, lineart: $30/25€

    Cartoon-ish comms:
    - clean (pencil) sketch: $10/8€ per character; +$4/3€ for every additional character; everything else according to expenditure

    - lineart: $15/12€ per character, rest as above.

    So it would be super great of you guys if you could also reblog this, esp. if you know some of your followers who are looking for tattoos!!

    Thanks a bunch <3

    Slots open:

    • Tats: 3/3
    • Other: 5/5

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