Joana Broß

I'm a 23-year-old German-based hobby illustrator with an unhealthy passion for character design, supernatural stuff and sushi.
If you wish to purchase any of my tattoo designs to actually have them tattooed on you, please read this.
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  • I feel like I have to get something off my chest and apologize for having been inactive for several weeks, if not months. I know I haven’t uploaded or posted anything in a long long time and that that’s not the best way to maintain a “fanbase” and an art blog – it’s just that I’ve been in a lot of “trouble” over the past few months.
    I’ve been sick a lot, I was diagnosed with a mental disorder and trying to seek help. I’ve been on vacation with my spouse and my mother has been pretty ill. I don’t want to go into any more details here, I just felt like I owed you some sort of apology or at least an explanation. I mean, you started following me because you wanted to see art and not an inactive blog and someone rambling about private problems.

    I promise I’ll start posting stuff again as soon as I find the time an leisure to do so! 

    Please bare with me while I’m trying to get better at that regularly-maintaining-a-one-man-business thing!

    Much love and best wishes!

    would you ever consider making a quick tutorial on how to draw crystals?

    Asked by Anonymous

    i totally would!! sure! although it’s really nothing special that i do – do you mean the regular crystal shapes like on the sphinx b/w drawing?

    how's your name pronounced? also, you're gorgeous <3

    Asked by Anonymous

    Ohhh thank you so much, you’re too cute!!

    My name’s pronounced similar to the English pronunciation of Joanna, only with an aaahhh. So uh, Joe-aahhh-nuh. If that makes any sense, I’m pretty bad at explaining pronunciations in English I’m sorry!

    OH hold on if you’ve by any chance watched Sweeney Todd, there’s this scene where the guy sings to his crush who’s called Johanna – my name’s pronounced just like the way he says it!!!

    (Which has led to more or less awkward situations when watching the film with friends)

    would you be okay with people getting your artwork tattooed on them?

    Asked by Anonymous

    it would be MORE than okay! i’d be flattered even! but please respect that not all of the designs/pictures i’ve posted are “free” to use. some of them are for sale and say so in the description/tags. if they’re not tagged with #onsale, they’re free to use for non commercial work (as long as there are proper credits given)
    so the ones without the #onsale tag are free as tattoo Designs as well!
    i would loooove to see a photo though! please send me one so i can marvel at how cool it’s gonna look

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